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Naturopathic Consultation


Naturopathic medicine strives to uncover the root cause(s) of your health concerns. This is where true healing begins. The initial visit is booked for a full 60-minutes which is a significant advantage of naturopathic care. 

A detailed intake and health history will be performed alongside any necessary lab testing. You can expect a safe, pressure-free environment where you can feel comfortable to discuss your health concerns and personal goals. 

Acupuncture - House Call


Acupuncture is an effective treatment for muscle aches and injuries. It has also shown promise in studies related to headache prevention, irritable bowel syndrome, and general health optimization. Electro-Stim acupuncture is exclusively offered at no additional cost.

Thin, sterilized needles are inserted at specific points on the body and are retained for 15-20 minutes per treatment. Relax in the comfort of your own home with mobile acupuncture appointments (South Calgary). 

Nutritional Counselling


The best nutrition strategies are created when your unique values, genes, and personal preferences are added to the equation.


Nutritional science can be confusing and even contradictory. Allow me to clarify your questions and concerns by leveraging my training in kinesiology, naturopathic medicine, and certification through the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN). 

Intramuscular Vitamin Injections are also available (mobile). 

Herbal Medicine


Herbal medicine can be a powerful way to support your health and wellness.

Only safe, convenient, and effective supplements are prescribed in my practice. Trusted brands include Cytomatrix, AOR Pro, Genestra, NFH, Douglas Labs, and Designs for Health. 

Prescriptions are conveniently sent through email via Fullscript, a complete online dispensary. Products are delivered right to your home. 

Lab Testing


Lab testing helps paint a detailed picture of your health. Examples include routine blood work, food sensitivity testing, hormonal testing, thyroid function, liver & kidney health, and much more. Testing is performed through Alberta Precision Labs, Rocky Mountain Analytics, and Genova Diagnostics. Please allow 1-3 weeks for your results.  

Please note that lab testing is charged at an additional cost, however, some insurance plans cover all or a portion of these tests. 

Vitamin Therapy


Feeling tired or fatigued? Are you seeking additional weight-loss support?

Intramuscular injections are available to existing patients to help boost energy, support the adrenal glands, and assist with weight loss. 

Key vitamins and minerals are combined into a single-dose injection that is administered into the shoulder or hip muscle. 

Naturopathic Consult
Acupuncture & Pain Relief
Nutrition & Lifestyle
Herbal Medicine
Lab Testing

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